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Northwest Pears on the Menu
A Site For Food Service Professionals

Whether your facilities serve a specialized dine-out clientele, an in-plant feeding situation or other institutionalized meal services, fresh pears as a regular addition to your menu planning can broaden your menus.

In This Website:

School Food Service: A special section is included in the USA Pear School pages for school food professionals.

Depend On A Supply: No longer a seasonal fruit, you can depend on the availability of fresh pears for your menu throughout the year. Most pears in the United States are grown in Oregon and Washington, and labeled "Northwest Pears." In times of increasing concern for food safety and safe food handling practices, you can be confident of a quality supply when choosing Northwest Pears.

Most Importantly: Of all the suggestions in this website, most important is to always serve pears ripe. Order pears pre-ripened from your produce supplier if possible, ripen the pears yourself if necessary, but always provide your customers with the full flavors and abundant juices of ripe pears. Your customers will be pleased! Take a moment to learn more about pears and ripening.

Pears In The Kitchen: Bookmark this Food Service website as your quick reference for pear-use information in the kitchen. Visit our consumer site for more information about pears, and descriptions of pear varieties. Take advantage of the popularity of Northwest foods and the Northwest styles in food preparation, with Northwest Pears from the Pacific Northwest!

Chef's Exchange: If you have been using fresh pears, and have developed ways to serve them, solved problems in your applications, we would be pleased if you would share with us, and with other chef's. Contact us, and we'll post your suggestion here on Chef's Exchange.

Chef's Tip Nutrition in a Pear
USA pears are nutritious and low calorie. You can be sure you are serving a healthy choice to your "fitness" conscious clientele with pears. Only 100 calories to a 166 gram (medium) pear. As well, pears are an excellent source of potassium, dietary fiber, and vitamin C. Pears contain no saturated fat, cholesterol or sodium. They belong on your heart healthy menu section.

Food Service Materials
Send for a Northwest Pear Food Service Kit, containing handling, use, and nutrition information to help you add a healthy menu item... delicious fresh pears. Kit

Recipe formula cards included in the kit are designed for easy addition to your own recipe source book or files, and separate information cards for nutrition and cost calculation are added for handy future reference.

Send a request on letterhead stationary, include your position or title, and we'll mail the USA Pear Food Service Kit. A separate kit for School Food Service is also available. Information on how to obtain one is located in the USA Pear School pages.

Send a request, on company letterhead to:

Pear Bureau Northwest
4382 SE International Way, Suite A
Milwaukie, OR 97222-4635

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