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Export Highlights

  • The season record high for value of US (Oregon, Washington and California) pear exports, including Canada, was set in 2007/08 at $175.5 million.
  • The export value of US Pear exports has increased 27 percent in the past 5 seasons.
  • USA Pear exports (excluding shipments to Canada) from Oregon and Washington account for around 28 percent of the total USA Pear crop (summer, fall and winter pear varieties)
  • Although the USA Pear export volume has not met the record levels established in 2001/02, the average price per box has increased over $8 per box since that time, with record value set during the 2008/09 season.
  • Exports to Mexico reached a record high of over 4 million boxes (Global Trade Atlas) in 2001-02 and have consistently surpassed 3 million boxes in 8 of the last 10 seasons, falling in 2009/10 due to the Mexican retaliatory tariff on U.S. pears.
  • The top exported varieties are Green Anjou, Bartlett, Bosc, and Red Anjou
  • USA Pears are exported to over 60 countries
  • The Pear Bureau conducts promotional activities in 38 markets
  • Brazil, Russia, and India are three of the industry’s fastest growing export markets.

Top 10 Export Markets - 2009/10 Season

   Volume (44-lb Boxes) Value (USD)
 Mexico 2,606,850 $42,551,077
 Brazil 604,500 $14,147,703
 Russia 544,700 $10,766,957
  UAE 283,900 $5,418,478
  Colombia 280,700 $4,828,974
  Hong Kong 161,600 $3,245,698
  India 130,800 $2,651,235
  Taiwan 124,600 $2,225,340
  Saudi Arabia 103,750 $2,246,905
  Netherlands 82,550 $1,876,215
  Source: Global Trade Atlas

USA Pear Export Data

USA Pear export history - PDF (12kb)
Growth Markets - PDF (10kb)
Top Export Market graph - PDF (10kb)

For more information on the export markets and the Pear Bureau's promotional activities, contact:

Jeff Correa
International Marketing Director
Lynsey Kennedy
International Program Coordinator

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