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Growing Regions

The Northwest is the premier geographic region in the United States for producing high-quality, delicious pears. The blend of rich volcanic soil, abundant water, warm spring days and cold winter nights creates ideal growing conditions for USA Pear varieties grown in Oregon and Washington.

Combined, these two states encompass the nation's largest pear producing region. They produce approximately 84% of all fresh pears grown in the United States, and more than 94% of all winter pears (non-Bartlett varieties such as Anjou and Bosc). They also account for 92% of America's fresh pear exports. There are four primary growing districts that produce pears marketed under the USA Pears logo.

Mid-Columbia/Hood River:
This rich pear growing region stretches along both the Oregon and Washington banks of the Columbia River. Here, thousands of acres of USA Pears flourish under the snowcapped peaks of Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood, two volcanoes of the Cascade Volcano Range.

The Rogue River valley, situated near Medford in southern Oregon, has long been home to high-yield USA Pear orchards. In view of Mt. McLoughlin, the southern-most growing region of the Northwest nurtures pear trees that produce beautiful, sweet, and juicy pears.

The rugged North Central Washington growing region is proud of its consistency for producing high-quality USA Pears enjoyed the world over. With orchards dating back to the 1850's, the Wenatchee Valley is an abundant producer of all USA Pear varieties.

The plentiful water and light, fertile soil of the agricultural-rich Yakima Valley supports thousands of acres of USA Pear trees. The growing regions in Washington share their volcanic influences from Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.

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