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Sizing and Grading




Although the United States Department of Agriculture has set grading guidelines, most USA Pear packing houses use more stringent standards. USDA, State and packing house personnel are on site to grade the fruit before it leaves the packing facilities. Grading is based on standard criteria such as fruit shape and imperfections.


ChartThe USA Pear industry has established sizing standards to ensure consistency among the different packing houses. Pear sizes are determined by the number of pears that fit into a standard 4/5-bushel packing box weighing approximately 44-lb. (20 kg) loaded. For example, a size 90 pear means that 90 pears will fit into a packing box. USA Pear sizes range from 70-count (large) to 150-count (very small). USA Pear varieties tend to average on size 80's and 90's, depending on the season. Cartons are stamped with size, variety, grade and other packing information.

After being graded and sized, USA Pears are individually hand-wrapped, carefully packed into plastic lined boxes and moved to cold storage until they are needed. For longer storage life, some fruit is moved to controlled atmosphere (CA) chambers.

Other packaging used by the USA Pear industry includes half-boxes, one and two layer Euro-boxes, 3 and 5-pound (1.35 and 2.25 kg) poly bags, tray packs, and specialty pack-to-order.

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