BartlettandStarkrimsonNow in Season: ALL 10 VARIETIES OF NORTHWEST PEARS

It is the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR for pear lovers in the US and Canada.  From now until December, all ten varieties of Northwest-grown pears are readily available and in season.  Learn more about fresh Northwest pear varieties, and find out how modern growing techniques in the Pacific Northwest produce the world’s finest Bartlett pears!

BagGRKOSmall Pears Perfect for Snacking

Stock bagged Snack-Sized pears for busy shoppers.

Busy lifestyles are here to stay, and adults are reaching for healthy snacks to fuel themselves and their families or even replace meals. Pears are a perfect compliment to on-the-go, real food snacking. Half of all eating occasions are now snack driven. According to a recent Mintel report on snacking, 94 percent of Americans snack at least once a day, compared to just 64 percent last year. Thirty-three percent say they are choosing healthier foods this year compared to last year, with an emphasis on simple ingredients. Millennials are leading the way, and are more likely than any other demographic to snack multiple times throughout the day.

Join Pear Bureau Northwest:

Celebrate National Pear Month during the month of December

New York Produce Show, Manhattan, NY on December 1-3
FPC Elections in Yakima, WA on December 7th at 1PM
Washington State Tree Fruit Assoc. Annual Meeting, Yakima, WA on December 7-9
NBC4 Health & Wellness Expo, Washington D.C. on January 9-10


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