How can retailers get conditioned pears?

Conditioned pears can be purchased from many shippers in the Northwest with ripening rooms at the source, as the industry continues to respond to growing consumer demand for more ripe fruit. Buying conditioned pears is easier than ever, simply requiring retailers to specify with their shipper, unlocking the natural flavor of pears with optimal readiness for display. Our ripening consultant can work with the receivers at the distribution center, educating them on how conditioned pears may arrive differently.

For retailers interested in ripening their own fruit, our consultants can train the retailer’s ripener on how to use the banana or avocado rooms for conditioning pears. The process is similar to ripening bananas or avocados and ripening pears can actually happen in the rooms with bananas and avocadoes.

Download our Pear Handling Manual here for detailed ripening steps along with information on all things pears.

USA Pears Pear Handling Manual
handling manual