Celebrate #WorldPearDay on December 3rd

Pear Bureau Northwest is once again implementing promotional efforts on a global scale. On December 3rd, this year’s World Pear Day offers consumers around the world the opportunity to celebrate with pears through a variety of new fun and exciting activities.

For this year’s celebration, USA Pears will be showcasing the healthy versatility of pears in a series of large-scale events, including in-person events in Mexico and Canada and a 12-hour Chef Live Stream on Kittch.com where consumers can sample USA Pear varieties, try them in some different recipes, and learn more on how to cook with pears.

Leading the digital experience, the culinary live streaming platform Kittch will broadcast 12 hours of interactive demonstrations featuring chefs from around the world including Taiwan, India, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and the USA. Live activities will begin at 5:00 AM PST.

Pear lovers in Canada and Mexico will also be able to attend special, in-person events. In Toronto, the St. Lawrence Market will be the venue for a pear sampling, including samples of pear mini-doughnuts. In Mexico City, consumers will enjoy pear pizzas and all the varieties of USA Pears in Parque Hundido from 9:00-6:00 PM. Both events will include an Instagram contest, where followers will be encouraged to post their most creative photos.

Followers anywhere, however, can celebrate by posting their own love of pears using #WorldPearDay and #CelebratePearsMonth.

Leading up to the celebration, USA Pears will also be sharing videos collected from around the world. These will be posted to @USAPears on Facebook and Instagram.

Join the fun with the following tools and support #WorldPearDay.

  • Ask the webmaster or social media manager to promote #WorldPearDay
  • Ask the Registered Dietitian to engage consumers and talk about pears
  • Ask the produce team to announce World Pear Day to consumers in the department

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