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Monthly Archives: August 2020


Pear Bureau Northwest Promotes Creative Marketing Manager

PORTLAND, Ore. - August 26, 2020 - Pear Bureau Northwest (PBNW) is pleased to announce that Neil Ferguson has been promoted to Creative Marketing Manager. Ferguson started at PBNW in 2017 as the organization's Communications Specialist and has been continually taking on new responsibilities in social media, digital advertising, media communications and website development, driving [...]


PORTLAND, Ore. - August 20, 2020 - After careful evaluation, the pear industry is releasing the first official estimate of the 2020-21 fresh pear crop for Washington and Oregon. Pear growers and producers from Washington's Wenatchee and Yakima and Oregon's Mid-Columbia and Medford districts have estimated this year's fresh pear harvest at 16.6 million standard [...]